I am registered dance movement psychotherapist MA.RDMP, lecturer and writer. I adore stories either fiction or non fiction. It doesn’t matter whether they are tales of truth or fantasy, a good story makes my body tingle. A BIG believer in the wisdom of the body and that dancing can almost always. make me smile. Our non-verbal dimension is often talking to us, and it is important to pause and listen to the voice within and not wait to hear the direction from without. My experience tells me that everyone has there own answers no matter what the situation, and therapy can be a support to help reach the ‘you’ and show it to the world and others.

I offer individual and group movement psychotherapy and my practice is currently based in Prague. I teaching DMP on various training programs across Europe and I run a 4 year DMT training program in Prague.

If you would like more information please visit my website here


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