Workshop Dance Movement Therapy and Eating Disorders

The Art of Attunement: Walking the Walk of Empathic Connection

with Clients with Eating Disorders

 Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS

Place: Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady.

Time; 25th July 2016

Price 1,450 CZK

Contact or fill in the digital form (link at the bottom of the page) to book your place.

*Please note that this workshop will be in English and will be translated into Czech.

This workshop is given by Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS, a Creative Arts Therapies Supervisor and Dance/Movement Therapist who has focused much of her work on supporting the recovery of people suffering from eating disorders. Susan has, presented widely, and has published extensively, and is the recipient of the ADTA’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award and The International Association of Eating Disorders Professional’s 2014 Spirit of iaedp award. Her work is featured in the documentary entitled Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery. For more information about her work see; or.

Workshop details

Individuals with eating disorders often numb their emotions in an attempt to control overwhelming life experiences. Transforming this disordered detour into connectedness to self and life, is integral to movement toward recovery. Attendees will learn to facilitate engagement with the client’s authentic self by working with them expressively, empowering them to understand their resistance and translating the ensuing experiences into metaphorical insights. Principles of rhythmic synchrony, kinesthetic awareness and kinesthetic empathy, implemented through clinicians’ own clinical intuition and ability to attune, will allow for the transformation of ordinary experiences into extraordinary therapeutic skills. Teaching methods will focus on folding these new concepts into clinicians’ existing skill set to maximize positive change.

This workshop is for anyone interested in exploring themselves through movement. If you are interested in the DMT training program it is a good idea to come along and make contact with us.

The workshop is self-experiential; we offer a space for reflections and support your experience, although it is not a therapy or supervision space.

If interested, please contact us. For a reservation please pay a deposit of 500 CZK to account of Spolek pro rozvoj expresivnich terapii 197689971/0300, by 18.7.2016. Please note that there is a 3 days late cancellation notice, so if you want to cancel and have your reservation refunded then you need to let us know by 22.7.2016. Thank you. Here is a direct link to book your space fill in the form:






NEW SERIES of Dance Movement Therapy Workshops coming this autumn.

“Home; In Me, Around Me?”


Looking at where our ideas of ‘home’ live in our bodies. And what happens when our idea of ‘home’ is moved, changed and needs developing. Using Dance Movement Psychotherapy to explore through self experience how we feel about the concept of ‘home’, is it purely and external aspect to our lives that we leave and return to everyday, or do we take it with us in our bodes?

This is for anyone interested in this theme but has been inspired by the many people I have met who, like myself, are living in country different to where their where born, or raised.

Please post your interest or questions i’d be happy to make contact with you. Details of the workshop to follow

4 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. I believe it’s in our hearts, and then reunited by a feeling a memory a touch in the environment that we might be in and the people around us? Would be interested to explore more and question the theory 😀 very thought provoking.


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