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Welcome to Bodystories101 everyone thank you for your visit.

If our bodies could speak, what would they say? What part of our experience and life history gets lost in the body and becomes a block which manifests itself in illness or maladaptive movement? These are some of the questions that have inspired me to start this blog and I hope that with your input I can find answers and open up other questions.

I am a registered dance movement psychotherapist and lecturer in the field of therapy and body work, and over the years I have come to realize that everybody’s body has a story to tell, if we listen and pay attention we can find healing both physically and emotionally. Your life story is held in the fibres of your organs in your muscle memory, connective tissues and skeleton that frames you, and this is just the start of it! In recent year’s research has highlighted the link between the moving body, both externally and internally, and our well being. That to be diseased means literally that somewhere inside you are at dis-ease with a part of your experience, and in order to heal, release or change what ails you, you need to be bodily connected.

I believe that we are in constant dialogue with ourselves   whether we realize it or not. it might be something so simple like noticing you are tired and reaching for the coffee pot, or feeling a headache coming on and reaching for a painkiller, or more intense such as exploring your feelings through exercise or mediation.

Yet conversations with our bodies may seem strange, how many of us actually have a daily chat with our bodies?  Well I have made it my practice in the last few years to ask how I really am everyday and amazing things have happened. I have had a ‘moving’ let’s call it a roaming ache that shifts from my shoulder to my hip, to my back to my knee and back to my shoulder. And when I say hello to this ache it disappears, a bit like a child who stops crying when you give it a cuddle. What is means and what it wants has yet to be uncovered and this is part of my on-going process, but I remain curious.

So the aim of this blog really is to make contact with you and hear your body stories, what does being in contact with your body mean for you? I invite you to share your story if you like maybe you can find support, although this is not a therapy space and that any advice is not to be taken as fact. It is always advisable to seek medical help to support you in your journey.

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